Rare in the US: BMW Z1

Stated to be the only federalized Z1 in the United States (most others being here under Show and Display), this BMW Z1 belonged to a Miami restaranteur who brought the car into the country in 1993. This very Z1 appeared in the background of the wincingly dated romcom Miami Rhapsody, starring Sarah Jessica Parker.

The BMW Z1 was famous for a couple things: doors that closed downward, and “easily” detachable plastic body panels, which in theory would allow owners to change the color of the car by replacing the body panels in a matter of hours (though in reality people who attempted this generally accomplished the feat in two days). As long as one doesn’t have parts left over when you put it back together, it’s generally going to be okay.

This was one of two Z1s at the 2011 Carlisle Import Nationals, and one of my fave cars of the weekend. These change hands from time to time in North America, but we’re not going to see noticeably more till the earliest examples hit 25 years. Obvs.

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2 Responses to Rare in the US: BMW Z1

  1. Alex Nunez says:

    I actually saw this car in Miami, probably around 12 years ago, parked on Ocean Drive in front of the News Cafe. I remember being the only person more interested in Z1 than the Ferrari parked right ahead of it.

  2. admin says:

    Heheh, that’s quite a coincidence!

    This was one of two Z1′s at Carlisle that year, there was another black one that I didn’t get shots of. I think together they represented 2/3 of all Z1′s in the states. There are a few in Canada, I’m told.

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